Jet Door & Bridal Door Limousines Perth

Wicked Limousines Perth offer stretch limo hire with the additional Middle Entry Jet Doors.
Many of Perth’s limousines have only one entry and exit point i.e. normally the left hand rear back door.
Also known as a Middle Entry Door, a Middle Bridal Door, a Gull Wing Door, the Middle Entry Jet Door is conveniently located in the middle of the stretch limousine on the left hand side.


The benefits of hiring a limousine with a Jet Door entry.

The Jet Door limousines offer an entry that is unlike a standard car door where it opens outwards. The Jet Door opens upwards
The advantage to you when you need to hire our Jet Door Limousines for your next chauffeur transport event is:
1. It’s easier entering and exiting a limousine via a Jet Door as opposed to one rear door.
2. There are two stretch limousine entry and exit points.
3. Unlike a conventional rear door, you do not sit in the limousine then shuffle along the whole length of the limousine to sit near the driver’s end.
4. If you’re wearing a wedding dress or school ball gown, this is the ideal Entry and Exit point into the limousine.

Jet Door limousines are sought after for wedding cars transport due to the ease of access and dual entries for bridal parties and the bride and groom.

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Central Bridal Door Jet Door Entrance

Central opening Limousine ideal for Wedding Car Services in Perth

Safe and spacious steps with the vertical opening Jet Door Limousine

Central Bridal Door Jet Door Entrance

Easy access into the limousine with this Jet Door middle entry.