Hummer Limousines Hire Perth 14 – 16 Seater H2

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Hummer Limo History

The US H2 Hummer was designed and manufactured as a four wheel drive off road extreme all terrain vehicle. It is a tough and proud vehicle that has morphed into a luxury and glamorous vehicle for the enjoyment of the fun and social.

The modern day H2 Hummer has been customised for social events that demand bold and beautiful luxury with the hire of this luxury Hummer Limousine.

The plain colours of the Hummer have vanished and bright white, metallic black, Hot Pink and Vibrant Purple encapsulate the gorgeous bold figure.

Interior fit out of these lavish vehicles include multiple bars that are brimming with ice and refreshments with champagne glassware for guests to indulge. Custom designed seating that is socially perfect allowing passengers to interact with each other even with large parties of 16 passengers. The ceilings, the walls and the floors of the limousines have been filled with soft and bright LED lighting to create an atmosphere experienced only in the finest clubs and party venues.

The traditional Hummer H2 vehicles are modified and a centre passenger party section added in that nearly triples the length of the original vehicle. Jet Doors and additional passenger doors and even sun roofs are provided not only for excellent accessibility but to provide the exotic Hollywood glitz experience that is so sought after in a normal life.

The Wicked Hummer Limos offer a slice of the glitz and glamour associated with the rich and famous for the people and visitors to Perth in Western Australia.

Hummer Limousine Hire Perth Fleet:

  • H2 Stretch 14 Seater Black Hummer Limo
  • H2 Stretch 14 Seater Purple Hummer Limo
  • H2 Stretch 16 Seater Pink Hummer Limo
  • H2 Stretch 16 Seater White Hummer Limo
  • H2 Stretch 16 Seater White Hummer Limo with JET DOOR
  • H2 Stretch 14 Seater Silver Hummer Limo