As governments start to ease the social distancing measures, and the vaccine becomes more than a distant mirage, it is time to start dreaming about parties once again. After all, you have been holding back for so long – it is time to start planning that wedding, hen’s party, school ball, or birthday celebrations. With Wicked Limos’ Hummers, you can be sure to make the best entrance at any event – or you can get the party started on the way there!  Wicked Limos’ Hummers have a variety of colours to choose from, including all the extras to make a memorable event.

At Wicked Limos, we know that an important celebration such as a birthday or a wedding might happen only once in a lifetime, and everything should be perfect to the last detail. That is why all you need to think about is picking the right Hummer, size and colour – and we’ll think about everything else!

Wicked Limos’ Hummers – Your Choice for Any Special Event

At Wicked Limos, we offer the best limo service in Perth, and we specialize in turning any event or celebration into the ultimate party. Our Hummers are designed to welcome up to 16 people and be the perfect fit for any occasion, from Swan Valley Winery Tours to School Balls and Birthdays. Or, you can just throw a limo party while exploring the fascinating sights  in of Perth in your perfect Hummer!

When booking one of our Hummers, you will also hire a professional and experienced chauffeur that will look after every need you or your gust might have throughout the evening. Your chauffeur will ensure that you always have fresh glassware, refreshments, and chilled water – you might also bring your favourite beverages on board!

Whether you are attending a wedding, concert, races, or hen’s and buck’s nights, Wicked Limos’ Hummers are the perfect vehicles to take the party to the next level.

Finding the Perfect Hummer for Your Event

While we might have started to see the end of the pandemic finally, some restrictions are likely to be there for a few more months. Hosting a Limo party with just a few of your best friends and family members is a great option for safer and more intimate celebrations.

However, at Wicked Limos, we have hosted hundreds of parties, and we know that everyone is different and unique. That is why we offer a great variety of Hummer options for your needs.

Within our exclusive collection, you will find 14 and 16 seaters – just enough people to get the party going without feeling crowded! We have black, pink, purple, white, and silver Hummers that will meet your needs for any occasion, from a magical girls’ birthday party to a sophisticated wedding.


Pink Hummer Wicked Limos Perth


The Features That Get the Party Started

When hosting a party or travelling to an important event, the details count. Here at Wicked Limos, we are committed to always providing a tailored, unique service – but you can count on consistent and reliable standards. In every Hummer, you will find:

Give Wicked Limos a call or visit their website and plan your next party!